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Top Toys from the Past 5 Generations

There’s just something about toys that seems magical, even for many who have long grown out of using them. Ask any baby-boomer about Chatty Cathy or Lite-Brite and they will probably have a twinkle in their eyes as they remember favorite toys from years past. Some, like yo-yo’s and Mickey Mouse have stood the test of time as kids today still enjoy them, but others like the Easy-Bake Oven and the Lite-Brite have faded from popularity long ago.

Take a walk down memory lane as we recount top toys from the past few decades.

  • Army Men – Bergen Toy and Novelty Co. developed these classic 2-inch plastic toy figures in 1938, which captured the imagination of those who lived during World War II. Kids for generations after have enjoyed making mock battlefields all over the house, unintentionally blocking others from walking down hallways.
  • Legos – If you are looking for the perfect toy, Ole Christiansen patented it in 1959. Legos have since become a universal phenomenon, with the company producing 36 billion blocks every year. In fact, considering all the Legos ever made, each person in the world would have 62 blocks.
  • Play-Doh – A favorite of kids, sometimes hated by adults for getting stuck in clothing, hair, and furniture, Play-Doh is perfect in its simplicity. Ever since 1956, children (and adults) have found this mushy, colorful substance fun to have in their hands.
  • Barbie – One of the most culturally influential toys of all time, Barbie was invented in 1959 as a fashion toy for little girls. With her many exciting accessories and houses, as well as California lifestyle, Barbie quickly became a staple toy. Though the values portrayed by Barbie have come under fire, she still remains the quintessential doll.
  • Buzz Lightyear – Disney’s® Toy Story was a major success, so it is no surprise that the Buzz Lightyear toy became a smash hit. His pop-out wings, retractable helmet, laser beam, and catchphrases all made him the perfect action figure to play with.

Toy Story Land Coming to Disney® on June 30th

Disney® understands the magic of toys and the nostalgia for times past, and will be opening a brand new Toy Story-themed section in Hollywood Studios® this summer. There you will find many of your favorite toys and games from childhood – but this time, you’ll be Toy-sized as you take on adventures with Woody and Buzz and get lost in Andy’s toy-filled back yard.

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