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How to Stay Organized While on Vacation

No matter how organized you are (or aren’t), you might find that when you’re on vacation, messes tend to accumulate quickly. Staying on track of your travel documents, itineraries, and keeping a tidy guestroom – especially when traveling with kids – can be a challenge and even put a damper on the vacation fun. Next time you book a vacation, try following these tips to stay organized and enjoy your getaway. You might even find yourself implementing some of them in your daily life, too!

Keep All Your Travel Documents Organized

Between boarding passes, attraction tickets, passports, and itineraries you can easily drown in a sea of paperwork. Minimize stress with apps that help keep track of your itinerary or go old-school with a vacation folder. Even if you use apps, it is still a good idea to bring a folder with important documents that are not available digitally. This is especially important if you are traveling with a pet as you’ll need to bring documents from the vet’s office.

Unpack Immediately – Then Repack

As soon as you arrive, unpack your suitcase. Your hotel is your home during your vacation so it doesn’t make sense to live out of a box. Hanging up your clothes helps air them out and avoid wrinkles. After you wear something, repack it if you won’t be wearing it again. This way when it’s time to leave you already have a jump start on packing.
If you’ll be staying for a while and plan on doing laundry while at the hotel, consider bringing a pop up hamper. This is especially good if you are traveling with children. They can collect their used clothes in the hamper, just like they do at home. The hamper can also double as a basket to carry your clothes to and from the washers.

Make Yourself at Home

When unpacking, place everything in familiar places. For instance, if you charge your phone by the bed at home, place it on the nightstand next to your bed at the hotel. Keep your travel folder and any work-related items on the desk, and keep food fresh in the fridge. During your stay, you’ll enjoy a mess-free guest room, and you won’t find yourself scrambling to find your keys.

Keep Track of Your Technology

Charger cords are one of the most forgotten items in hotels. To help keep track of them, wrap a piece of masking tape around each charger, and number them. When it’s time to leave you can easily make sure you have accounted for everyone’s charger cords.
If you’ll be traveling with lots of technology, consider investing in an organizer to keep all your gadgets in one place. These are usually compact and flat so they won’t take up suitcase space. When leaving your room, take your electronics with you or store them in the in-room safe. Not only will this protect your valuables but it will also ensure they don’t get lost.

Clutter-free Countertops

When traveling with multiple people, messes tend to accumulate quickly. Bathroom countertops are one of the first places to accumulate clutter. Keep countertops clear by packing a vinyl over the door shoe organizer with pockets. Label the pockets with each person’s name and use it to store everything from toothpaste to hair styling tools. It won’t take up space in your luggage and helps eliminate clutter.

Of course, staying organized on vacation starts even before you travel. When making your travel arrangements, you’ll want a hotel that can help you plan and select the vacation that is best for you, and give you all the necessary details. At Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista, our reservation agents are eager to help you plan the perfect Orlando vacation. They’ll help you book your stay and provide you with all the hotel information to keep in your travel folder. To speak with a reservation agent and plan your Orlando vacation today, call 407-996-7300.

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