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5 Movie Night Snacks for Your Orlando Vacation

Whether it’s a rainy day or just a quiet evening after a long day at the Orlando theme parks, sometimes a cozy movie night is the perfect addition to your vacation. At Rosen Inn at Lake Buena Vista, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having a mini-mart and two eateries in the lobby. Once you return from your day out exploring Orlando, you can relax knowing that everything you need is just steps away from your hotel room. For a movie night that’s sure to be a hit with the kids, catch a movie on TV with our premium channels, then visit Lite Bite downstairs and pick out your favorite snacks. Check out our movie night suggestions below for ideas.

Movie Classic

Nothing says movie night like popcorn. A trend started by the dawn of talkies in the 1920s, popcorn quickly became a movie theater tradition. Enjoy all the goodness of this in-theater treat by making it yourself, even while on vacation. Grab a bag of popcorn from Lite Bite and pop it in microwave in your hotel room. Voila! Now movie night feels like movie night.

Sweet Tooth

Candy is another movie classic that often inspires sweet nostalgia. For a movie night with vintage vibes enjoy classic treats such as Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, and Nerds or go for decadent chocolate such as Kit-Kats and Reese’s. If you enjoy sweet and salty flavors, try making your own simple mix of popcorn, M&Ms, and peanuts.

Healthy Bites

Trying to be healthy but still got those movie munchies? Head down to Lite Bite and go nuts! Choose from almonds, peanuts, and cashews in a variety of flavors. You can also enjoy fresh fruit as a wholesome movie treat. For a special snack, combine sliced apples and with lightly salted almonds. Easy to eat, this is a nearly mess-free finger food that will provide a crispy crunch.

Pizza Party

To really take your movie night to the next level, make it a pizza party with Rosen’s Perfect Pizza. Available in the lobby, this healthy whole-wheat crust pizza is low-fat, low-sodium, and has zero grams of trans fat. Kids of all ages will enjoy the irresistible combination of pizza and a favorite movie.

Stay Hydrated

Whether you enjoy movie snacks or not, it’s important to stay hydrated. Grab some bottled water or enjoy a variety of fruit juices from Lite Bite. Are you nodding off during the film? Perk up with some fresh coffee or tea.

The convenience of Lite Bite is just one of the many benefits of staying at the Rosen Inn at Lake Buena Vista. You’ll love the family-friendly amenities, such as swimming pools and a kid’s splash zone, as well as our superb location just down the street from Walt Disney World. Book your Orlando vacation today by calling 407-996-7300.

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