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4 Tips for Travelling as a Family

Just because summer is winding down doesn’t mean that the time for vacation is over. Some people even prefer to travel toward the end of the season as the summer rush dies down.4 Tips for Traveling as a Family

When you travel as a family, you definitely have more to account for, but the bonding experience of a trip together is always worth it. Many things often go overlooked when traveling in a group, so here are some on what to keep an eye on:

  1. Pack Effectively – When a family travels together, you often become overwhelmed with luggage. A great way to circumvent this is by sharing suitcases when possible. Children don’t need to bring a lot with them, and sometimes their belongings can fit into an adult’s suitcase. This will cut down on the number of bags you have to worry about, and if you are checking luggage on your flight, it will cost less.
  2. Plan Out Your Schedule – With too many people wanting different things, it can be difficult to figure out what to do on the fly. Making your itinerary early on and having everyone agree to it will make things significantly easier and keep everyone happy.
  3. Adjust for the Children – You might get caught up in the fun of vacation and overbook your day. Though it is easy to get excited and wrapped up, always check with any kids in the group to ensure that they aren’t overly exhausted or dehydrated.
  4. Don’t Overplan – When traveling in a large family group it’s going to be tough to get absolutely everything you want done. Don’t plan things back to back, but instead leave plenty of room for rest in between events. This padding also helps in the event of an emergency, so you all have plenty of time to adjust without missing any of the fun.

The Perfect Hotel for Your Trip

An Orlando family vacation can bring joy to a family and help everyone bond. However, parents can often get overwhelmed during both the planning and execution stages of the process due to the numerous events and activities available.

Staying at a resort-quality hotel such as the Rosen of Lake Buena Vista can alleviate some of the stress. We have exquisite rooms perfect for a night of rest after a busy day, as well as the ideal proximity to all of Orlando’s best attractions such as Universal Orlando Resort and Disney. Get the best out of your family vacation by calling us at 407-996-7236.

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