Top 5 Toy Stores in Orlando

We all have fond memories of favorite toys from long ago – or maybe not so long ago. Toys are reminders of a past where everything seemed magical and fun, conjuring up memories of Christmas morning or visits to exciting toy stores. But toys can also be things of the present as well; who doesn’t love playing a good board game with friends? You might even be a collector of comics, miniatures, or memorabilia. Whatever the case, Orlando is the perfect place for you, as it boasts several unique toy stores for everyone.

Lighten Up!

Located in the historic Winter Park area on Park Avenue, this mom and pop shop brings you back to simpler times with classic toys – no electric power needed! Feel the nostalgia while you test out a marshmallow shooter or hand shake buzzer right in the store, since everything is free to play with.

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

Fans of Harry Potter will surely be familiar with this famous toy shop from the beloved series, and they now have a chance to go there themselves! Take a trip out to Universal Studios® and walk down the iconic Diagon Alley to this store, where you can find your very own Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder or Sneakoscope.

Gods & Monsters

If comics are your thing, be sure to check out this store off of I-Drive. All things fantasy, comic-book, sci-fi, and anime find their place at Gods & Monsters, with aisles of shelves of books, collectibles, and games. They even have a Mad Max-themed bar in the back called Vault 5421, where you can stop for a drink to take a break from browsing their huge collection.

American Girl®

These classic dolls are every girl’s dream, and Orlando features one of the select few stores in the country. Not only can you choose from a wide selection of dolls and accessories, you can also have a birthday party or schedule an afternoon tea with your doll right in the store. Visit the doll hair salon to give your American Girl® doll a new look, or take her to the spa for some refreshing care.

Once Upon a Toy

In Disney Springs, there’s hardly a more fun place to go than this favorite toy shop. They carry all sorts of Disney® toys, action figures, and clothing, but what sets this store apart are the “build-your-own” stations. Design your very own lightsaber or Star Wars® droid, or pick out pieces for a unique Mr. Potato Head!

Speaking of Toy Story, Disney® has just opened up the brand-new Toy Story Land section in Hollywood Studios®! Ride on the back of Slinky Dog as you dash through gigantic blocks and tinker toys, take a spin with the aliens as you ride on swirling saucers, or join Woody, Buzz, and all your favorite Toy Story characters as you blast targets on a 4-D adventure!

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