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To DIY or Not to DIY

A professional wedding decorator’s talent will turn your décor dreams into a picture perfect setting just for your special day. They bring years of industry knowledge with them, which helps reduce some of your wedding planning stress. If you want a more personalized look for your wedding or are on a budget, consider DIY decorations. DIY inspiration is everywhere. You can even chose to DIY as much or as little as you like. However, any DIY decorations you choose to use will become your responsibility for getting the materials, transporting the decorations to the venue, and having everything ready on time. If you are planning a destination wedding and want DIY decorations, there are a few things to be aware of:

    • Some venues may have certain rules about DIY decorations, so be sure to ask your venue what they allow before starting your project.
    • If you plan to ship your decorations ahead, check with your venue to see if they can hold it for you. If not, ask your local wedding planner if they can keep it until you arrive.
    • Check airline restrictions for carry-on items.
    • Always have a backup plan in case something breaks.
    • In general, avoid DIY projects with fresh flowers. They can’t withstand travel and you won’t want to feel rushed to finish DIY creations the night before your wedding.

For a personalized wedding that still looks professional, a good approach is to feature some DIY elements while allowing a decorator to take care of the bigger things. If you are concerned about traveling with your handmade creations, consider sticking to the following items:

      • Guestbook

Your guestbook can be anything from a traditional book to a collection of local postcards signed by your guests. It’s easy to transport and lasting memento for years to come.

      • Invites, Save-the-Dates, Thank You cards

Get your guests excited for your destination wedding with personalized cards that set the tone for your special weekend.

      • Favors

Use local products for a gift that will remind guests of your time together abroad.

      • Your Make-Up, Hair, or Nails

Doing your own make-up, hair, or nails is a clever way to create a subtle DIY look while also saving money.

Whether you choose a decorator to bring flair to your wedding or try your hand at some Pinterest-inspired DIY décor, Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista is happy to work with you to achieve your wedding goals. Our spacious ballroom and lakeside pavilion provide a picturesque setting for you and your love on your special day. Begin planning your wedding today by calling (407) 996-7344 or 1 (800) 506-7300.

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