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Selecting the Perfect Wedding Dinner

Choosing your wedding dinner can be a delicate task. You want to provide a meal your guests will love and that fits with the theme of your wedding while also staying within budget. When deciding between serving a plated dinner or a buffet, it all depends on your personal preference and style. Neither is better than the other and each has its advantages and disadvantages, but depending on the size of your wedding you may find one choice more economic than the other.


A buffet is a great way to provide your guests with more variety and freedom to choose the dishes they like best. This is ideal for picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions. Buffets are typically considered laid-back, but you can make them more formal by hiring staff to serve your guests from behind the buffet table. For larger groups, a buffet is typically a more economic choice.

Disadvantages of buffet-style meals include the potential that you will run out of food or end up with lots of leftovers. Your guests will get their food at different times, which may interrupt dinner conversations, although they will have the opportunity to chat while waiting in line. A buffet may also take up extra space which could be a concern if you plan to have a lot already set up in the room, such as DJ station, bar, or photo booth.

Plated Meal

Generally considered more formal, plated dinners are served to your guests at the table. Guests will pre-select their meal when they RSVP so the caterer knows exactly how much to make. A very appealing advantage of a plated meal is that conversation can flow freely at the table because everyone is served at the same time. Although they are considered costly, plated meals may actually be an inexpensive choice for smaller weddings. Another way to keep costs in check is to limit the main course selections to just two.

A big downside of a plated dinner is that guests may not like the options or may be limited because of food allergies. As a result, they may spend the rest of the reception still feeling hungry. Another factor to consider is that if a few extra guests arrive you’ll have to pay more to cover the cost of their meals. Similarly, you’ll be charged for the meals of any no-shows. An added responsibility of plated dinners is that you’ll also need to create response cards so your guests can select their entrée as well as place cards so that servers can know who gets which meal.

Ultimately, your choice of wedding dinner will depend on your budget, wedding size, and personal preference. Regardless of which meal style you choose, Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista will work with you to help create your dream wedding and create a meal your guests will rave about. Start planning today by calling (407) 996-7344 or 1 (800) 506-7300.

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