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Mission Possible: Eating Healthy While on Vacation

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to experience a variety of new cuisines and cultural delicacies. Give your taste buds a chance to explore and splurge a little without departing from your healthy eating habits. It all comes down to moderation.

Control your portion sizes rather than indulging on large meals. Sampling snack portions of an array of different foods throughout the day will give you the chance to try so much more while also keeping your metabolism at its peak. There’s also a hidden bonus if you’re heading to the theme parks. Without even realizing it, you typically burn far more calories on vacation because of all the walking and activity you engage in.

Are you in the mood for some refreshing alcoholic beverages while on vacation? There are ways to enjoy a few social beverages without consuming unwanted calories. Moderation comes into play again but did you know there are some alcoholic beverages that come with promising benefits? Tequila is actually one of the few types of liquor that stimulate your metabolism. Just avoid those sugary additives! Tequila is also good for your blood circulation and cholesterol. Most importantly, please stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months and if you plan on spending the day at a theme park. Eat and drink responsibly and cheers to vacation!

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