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5 Tips for Conquering the Easter Buffet at Rosen Lake Buena Vista

The menu will be posted on our website closer to Easter Sunday, so check back for updates. In the meantime, you can prepare your buffet strategy.

While buffet-style meals can be a blessing for picky eaters and large families, tackling an all-you-can-eat situation can be challenging if you haven’t properly prepared. To get the most out your Easter buffet dining experience at Rosen Lake Buena Vista, follow these simple tips:

  1. Don’t shrink your stomach: Some buffet-goers think it’s best to practically starve themselves leading up to their trip to the buffet. However, this will only shrink your stomach and make your all-you-can-eat skills falter. The smartest thing to do is to eat regularly. Then, on the day of the buffet, eat foods that are easy to digest and be sure to keep hydrated. We don’t want you passing out in the potatoes.
  2. Work up a sweat: It’s simple – getting some exercise before the buffet will burn off extra calories so you can put more in. After your meal, we also suggest taking a light walk around the hotel to aid your digestion. A walk around the gardens by the fountain at Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista is a picturesque way to spend your Easter afternoon.
  3. Small portions: When you are ready for your meal, look around the entire display and figure out what you definitely want to try before you start filling your plate. Be sure to take less of each dish than you think you’ll want. This will help keep your eyes from being bigger than your stomach. Remember, you can always go back for seconds (or thirds). This technique will also allow you to get more variety on each plate and try more food.
  4. Bring Back-up: Eating a lot of food at once probably isn’t part of your normal routine, which means your body may not be prepared. Keep antacids close by and remember not to plan too many activities immediately after the meal. Once your post-buffet food coma kicks in, you’ll be glad you were prepared. We suggest heading back to your room to take a nice Easter nap!

However you decide to tackle the Easter buffet at Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista, be sure to grab your reservations quickly because seats sell out fast. Stay tuned to this blog for more information on the Easter buffet, including how to make reservations. You can also call us at 407-996-7300 for more information about planning your Orlando vacation.

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