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4 Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation

When you take a vacation, the last thing you want is any hardship to get in the way of your enjoyment. There are several ways to make your trip easier on yourself and ensure the vacation is a great one:

  1. Budgeting for the Forgotten – It is easy to overlook additional expenses outside of the actual vacation. Do you need to buy winter clothes for a ski trip? Are you going to a location that requires immunization? How much sunscreen should you bring? Either way, when budgeting, these expenditures often go unaccounted. You can easily go over budget when the expenses you have forgotten add up. Consider these items when budgeting and planning for your trip.
  2. Credit Cards – Regardless if you are going to be out of town for a weekend or a month, you should inform your credit card company of your travels. Doing so prevents charges made out of town from coming up as identity theft and having your accounts frozen. If you plan on departing for several weeks at a time, give yourself one less thing to worry about and have your bills set up for auto payment as well.
  3. Pack Smart – We often tend to over-pack for vacations, but simplicity is usually the answer. The less you have to lug around the better. Saving on charges for additional carry-ons is a bonus. Pack minimally and use your space efficiently. You only need one or two pairs of jeans, and you can save space by using shoes to store smaller items like phone chargers.
  4. Light Itinerary – When scheduling your vacation, you should avoid having a loaded day. If you are running around between locations and trying to beat the clock, the day will be less about fun and more of a chore. Include the important stuff but give yourself time to breathe and bask in the new environment.

Start Planning Your Next Vacation

Vacations allow for a needed time of relaxation. When you plan appropriately, you can get the most out of it. By staying at Rosen Lake Buena Vista for your next Orlando trip, you add ease to your vacation with benefits such as being 2 miles from Disney Springs™ and Walt Disney World® theme parks and much more. Call us today at (407) 996-7300 and book your stay.

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